Sydnei. Mumford

{04/04/2014}   Battell Park

Girl on a hill of concrete

the strange impasses we make

The water that weeps

The headphones tucked deep in her ears

Dyed hair she thought would erase those fears

Of being who she thought she really was

But she knows they’ll still stare

No comfort from the long night

or her kitchen knife

The voices that tell her it’s alright

It’s a “long and winding road”

to who she wants to be


Sitting here, further down;

along the river

4 years older; a little wiser; definitely fatter;

with natural hair

I realize

it’s not her I write about

But me; what feels like a lifetime ago

lost to the world.. at 13.



Ms. Nibs says:

“No comfort from the long night/or her kitchen knife.” Beautiful! I love your writing.

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